We provide a cozy living room for common activities, an fully equipped kitchen and a generous accommodation for 32 people in 8 rooms, each with a double bed, couch bed and private bathroom. You can also choose one of our cozy cottages, that are ready to give you an unforgettable holiday! These cottages are placed in the courtyard of the Bucin guesthouse, arranged to give you comfort, privacy and a wonderful view. Each cottage is connected to water and sewage.

The terraces have a lovely view and descend into a large courtyard with ponds, seasonal plants, barbecue and a tub that invites you to relax. The area is shielded from wind and enjoys sunshine throughout the day.


The cottage was built around 1900 on the foundation of carved stone with 60 cm wide walls, using materials and the technology of that period.

In 2016 the chalet has been completely revamped. Now it has central heating, drinking water, sewage and electricity. Heating is ensured by a wood fired central system and electricity by solar panels.

Plans for the future

In addition to the improvements made periodically, in the future we will set up an area for camping and mobile homes in a specially arranged space, near the pine forest.