To the attention of our guests

Bucin Chalet uses energy produced independently and environmentally friendly through solar panels. We respectfully ask you to support us in the effort to save energy, not to use more than the panels produce. Do not use large consumers: hair dryers, water kettles, coffee filters, speakers, big sound systems, amplifiers and others. If you want to use the electrical devices mentioned above, please contact our staff to turn on the generators. Otherwise, the use of large consumers will discharge the batteries and will cause power supply interruption!
Thank you for understanding!

To have a pleasant collaboration and to be able to enjoy your holiday in the Bucin Chalet both you and the other accommodated guests have to comply to our conditions:

1. When booking, we require a 40% security deposit in advance for the required services, to ensure your intention to stay at the chalet.

2. Please adjust to the time for the check-in from 14.00 and check-out until 10.00 because when we receive successive groups on the same day, we need time for optimum cleanliness and provision .

3. We accommodate several different groups in the pension, if the entire guest house was not reserved by you, subject to availability.

4. Please respect the other tourists by keeping the silence and the common areas clean and lock your rooms to avoid unpleasant situations. The chalet’s staff is not responsible for the disappearance of your valuables if they were left unattended.

5. Due to technical reasons and because of the location, we cannot provide payment by card at the guesthouse. Thank you for your understanding and please settle your payment details when booking.

Internal Regulation

Smoking is prohibited in the entire guest house. You can smoke only in the designated areas.
Please dispose of garbage in containers.
Please take care of all the objects in the chalet and chose one person to be responsible for taking over at your arrival and rendering the place when you leave.
Please do not feed the animals and do not approach them without the consent and under supervision of the chalet’s staff.
Collect your garbage when you go on trips in the surrounding area, to keep nature clean.
Please leave your ski equipment and snowboards in the separate space for storing and drying ski boots and boots.
The guest house is in a quiet natural location, please avoid noisy night activities and loud music.
Enjoy your stay at the guest house and recharge your energy!
Please leave us your suggestions for improvements, and if you felt good at Bucin Chalet, recommend us to your friends and sign our guestbook!

Thank you!